Digital Credentialing

What is a Digital Credential

A digital credential is an electronic representation of the learning acquired by an individual. Digital credentials are issued as a clickable graphic that contains an online record of:

1) an achievement;
2) the work required for the achievement;
3) evidence of such work; and
4) information about the issuing organization (York University).

York University through the Faculty of Health professional development division (HLLN) offers students, alumni and friends in the broader community the possibility to apply and earn digital credentials.

Watch this video where Tania Xerri, Director of HLLN,  tells us more about digital credential(s).

Three Stress Busting Digital Badges are Available

A Digital Badge (Credential) representing a Fundamental Level of Knowledge may be earned for each of the three Stress Busting programs: 1. Qi Gong Practices, 2. Mindfulness Meditation and 3. Capacitar Healing Practices.

How to Claim your Digital Badge

This video outlines a step by step process to help people claim their badge:

Requirements for Earning a Stress Busting Digital Badge

Upon completion of the program sessions, answer the following questions and submit the completed Form to Dr. Harvey Skinner at: Please submit a separate Form for each program.

  1. Participation Log: document the sessions (dates) that you have completed either a) online in real time or b) later from the video recordings of sessions. Here are the participation criteria by program:
  • Qi Gong: at least 16 of the 20 sessions (80%)
  • Mindfulness Meditation: at least 8 of the 10 sessions (80%)
  • Capacitar Healing: at least 8 of the 10 sessions (80%)
  1. What aspects of the program did you find most valuable? Why? (short paragraph or bullet points)
  2. How will you use what you have learned for managing your stress and wellness? (short paragraph or bullet points)

What the three Badges look like